Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the Ayanah store?                      Ayanah can be found in Darosa Plaza, Karen Road, sharing a compound with Spoilers Bar.  For directions, see the “Find a Store” at the top of our website homepage.

Do Ayanah do office furniture?               Yes, we keep a limited number of samples of our standard range.  If you require us to make furniture outside of our standard range, then we can arrange a site visit.

Do Ayanah do restaurant furniture?        Yes, we do bar and restaurant furniture

I need help in choosing my furniture!      No problem – we can arrange a site visit for 3,000 KES, which is then refunded as part of any subsequent order.  We can measure and advise on suitable options.  If you require more detailed plans, we can do some 3D space planning for a fee agreed on a case-by-case basis.

What is the typical waiting time when I order?              Sofas: 14 days

                                                                                                Complex/large woodwork pieces: 28 days

                                                                                                Less complex woodwork: 14 days

                                                                                                Larger Projects: Planned on a case-by-case basis

Do Ayanah deliver?                    Yes, we can deliver.  Orders over 100,000 KES in Nairobi are delivered free of charge. Orders below 100,000 KES can be arranged for a nominal fee, depending on the delivery location

What are the costs of re-upholstery?      Please send us clear photos and overall measurements of your sofa sets, along with details of whether it is a simple fabric replacement, or a complete refurbishment.  We will quote within 48 hours.

Can I mix and match designs?          Yes, we specialise in customizing orders, so we can adjust your designs and combinations to suit your requirements.